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    This was our last week around the theme “The Tie that Binds”. More
    than anything, I pray that these recent weeks have re-enforced the strength
    of the bond of the Holy Spirit in bringing us together and uniting us.
    Together is better! And together as the people of God enables us to do
    more than we could ever do separately.
    The Tie that Binds us to one another is a bond anointed by the
    presence of the Holy Spirit. When God is at the core of the bond we have
    to each other, the Holy Spirit makes the bond even deeper, more beautiful,
    and more powerful than it could be otherwise. There develops a harmony
    in our relationships and the ways in which we work and move together.
    Each of us is anointed by God to be Christ’s followers: we are chosen by
    God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sent out in mission and ministry to
    do God’s work. The same is true of our relationships with our brothers and
    sisters in Christ: our relationships with one another are anointed – chosen
    by God for a purpose, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sent out to do
    God’s work in mission and ministry.
    Here are this week’s takeaways:
    1. You have been anointed by God!
    a. You have been chosen, empowered, and sent to do God’s work
    2. Our relationships with one another are anointed and bound by the
    Holy Spirit.
    a. Together is better! We are meant to work together in harmony
    and not as solo acts.

    3. The Tie that Binds is to strengthen us and empower us as we move
    out into the world to connect or tie to other people who don’t know of
    the loving and powerful bond of the Holy Spirit.
    a. Each and every person matters to God and to the people of
    b. How are others to know this or feel this bond if we do not share
    it with them?

    See you next week for our new series around 1 Corinthians! Our weekly
    study group will resume to study 1 Corinthians: Searching the Depths of
    God by Jaime Clark-Soles. We will meet each Wednesday at 6:30pm in
    Faith’s chapel for fellowship and study. Hope you can join us!
    Pastor Joy

    This week’s service continued the theme of the Tie that Binds. Paul’s
    words to us in Galatians 5:16-26 are wise words for us as we seek to live in
    God’s Spirit and in relationship with one another. As we considered
    “Moving with the Tie of Relationship”, Paul warns us of several destructive
    behaviors while reminding us that life in the Spirit should produce love, joy,
    peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-
    control. We are to build the Kingdom of God on earth by living by the Spirit
    which enables us to produce these nine fruits and more. We must decide:
    who are we? And who do we want to be?
     People who are self-centered, angry, fleshly, carnal, unloving,
    uncaring and unattractive?
     Or are we people of grace and mercy, love and kindness, patience
    and tolerance – long-suffering with others?
    Challenge Questions:
    1. How might you deepen your experience of the Kingdom of God or the
    fruit of the Spirit in your own life, despite the pressures of the world?
    2. How might you pass on the fruit of the Spirit to others?
    3. How might you share the Tie that Binds with someone else?
    May 30, 2021
    Dear Friends,
    Our primary scripture is from John 3:1-17 where we see Nicodemus going
    out after dark to find Jesus and talk with him about his teachings. Skeptical
    but not as hateful as his fellow Pharisees, Nicodemus seems to be really
    trying to grasp Jesus’ teachings. We find Nicodemus appearing again after
    the crucifixion as the one who secures Jesus’ body from Pilate and
    compassionately lays it to rest in a tomb. In the midst of this, Jesus
    endeavors to explain to Nicodemus that new life is possible through the
    grace of God and power of the Holy Spirit.
    We, too, are given the possibility of a ‘second life’ – or a third, or fourth, or
    fifth.. Through Christ, every breath is a second chance! As we re-enter life
    as a post-pandemic period, we need to re-evaluate who we are and who
    God calls us to be. Are you who you want to be? • We cannot change the
    past, but the HS can enable us to reshape our future in unimaginable ways.
    What do you want your second life to be like?
    See you in church,
    Pastor Jo
    Easter Sunday 2021
    It was wonderful to be together in the House of the Lord! See you again Sunday!
    Do you enjoy dancing?  Honestly, I have never been a person that would say I ‘enjoy’ dancing.  When I was involved in prison ministry, however, there were moments that participating in dancing had a huge impact.  Epiphany Ministries began going into adult prisons, such as The Ohio Reformatory for Women, around 1997, to minister to juvenile offenders.  Our participants ranged in age from 15-21.  Many of these were girls who experienced little to no childhood. A key piece of the encounter was helping them to feel freedom in Christ – which is particularly difficult or at least contradictory in a maximum-security prison.  For many, a key connection was through dance, such as the Electric Slide, Macarena, and even silly songs like “Tony Chestnut”.  Christ died so that we might know ultimate freedom.
    Nothing could hold Jesus in the grave: not imprisonment, not a tomb, not death, not the sins of the world!  Jesus’ death and resurrection means that we are also free and can overcome anything, even death.  We can experience freedom from our sins, and from anything else that binds us – addiction, bad habits, worry, guilt, anger, etc.  Through this freedom, we are able to act for justice, love people (even those not loved easily by others), we are free to be loved and to feel worthy of love and to be in a right relationship with God.  We are even free to dance!
    o What does it feel like to be free enough to dance?
    o Where in your life do you not feel free? Where do you feel held down or imprisoned?
    o What is it like to let Jesus remove those barriers or weights that are keeping you from being free?
    o Who might you encourage through urging them that they are meant to be free in Christ?